Let's Take a Genius Break!

Mini-Breaks of Mindful Movement w/Meaning

Genius Breaks Part 1: Move Mindfully for 10+ Minutes Per Day

Sitting is now called the "new smoking," because it can put you at increased risk for 26 different health problems. That's why Dr. Suzie Carmack created the Genius Break method -- to teach you how to move more and sit less during the work or school day. Part 1 of the Genius Break practice is the Mindful Movement Vitamin -- Dr. C's easy-to-remember checklist for ensuring that all of your major joints move in the right range of motion every day. 

Genius Breaks Part 2: Mindfulness

Busy days and multi-tasking are the new norm for today's busy families. That's why Part 2 of each Genius Break practice is a series of easy-to-practice breathing strategies -- designed to help all of us to reduce stress and thrive. The best part is there is no yoga mat required.

Genius Breaks Part 3: Meaning

Once you've selected a movement (part 1) and a mindful breathing strategy (part 2), it's time to add the "Meaning" component of your Genius Break. Choose one of Dr. C's 8 intention-setting themes: which she calls the Chakras of Communication. You'll learn how these 8 themes promote happiness and engagement.

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